How to apply for the services paid for by the Foundation

The Pink Train Foundation will pay for counselling sessions and/or physiotherapy sessions.

To apply for counselling:

The Foundation will cover the costs of 1-8 counselling sessions, depending on your specific requirements.

To apply for physiotherapy sessions:

  • Ginteres-Kikustes physiotherapy practice, Clinic "Piramīda", Kalnciema iela 27, Rīga, Tel: , 2688 1714

At your first visit the physiotherapist will assess your specific needs and work out an individual treatment plan, including active physiotherapy sessions and, where necessary, other physiotherapy methods.

Important! Please take with you a copy of your diagnosis and other information that could help the specialist. Invoices will be paid for by the Pink Train Foundation. 

If you have mobility problems following your operation or if you have difficulty reaching the health centre, our physiotherapist may be able to visit you at home.

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